Asset Liability Management

We do not approach projects as a product but as a custom solution.

We partner with organizations to model future pension plan outcomes involving integrating the plan’s assets and liabilities. Our customized approach involves helping organizations understand, plan for, and manage future trends and risks associated with their pension plans.

We are an independent advisor with actuarial and investment expertise. We do not approach projects as a product but as a custom solution. Our consultants have deep experience in the industry and average over 20 years of experience working with pension plans across industries and both corporate and public institutions.

Standard Asset Liability Management Services:

Planning Discussion – Understanding the underlying objectives of the study, which include what outcomes are most desired and also which outcomes present the most risk, how the plan operates in nature, future funding limitations and opportunities, any investment constraints, and time periods for the analysis.

Assumption Setting – Along with the client, we develop future assumptions for modeling that will form the basis for stochastic and scenario analysis.

Scenario Development – We work with the client to develop specific investment/economic scenarios for inclusion in the analysis.

Preliminary Results Review – We will discuss the preliminary results with an organization to discuss initial opportunities and concerns arising from the initial results.

Review Alternatives – Develop alternative options to model and optimize results given a client’s needs and objectives. This process typically involves different asset allocations but may include contribution or management policy changes.

Final Output and Recommendations – After comprehensively analyzing the data, scenarios, and alternative options, we present our final findings and tailored recommendations. This ensures alignment with the client’s objectives and provides clear action steps to achieve the desired outcomes, backed by robust analytical insights.

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