Pension Plan Termination

Helping you successfully navigate all stages of plan terminations, our focus is on helping you successfully navigate the process at the end of your pension plan, as you benefit from our combined actuarial and investment management expertise.

Experienced in partnering with plan sponsors through termination

You have full access to the expertise we bring through our thorough understanding of the specific requirements of implementing a plan termination. Our consultative approach to managing both the liability and asset sides of the funded status equation has helped countless plan sponsors successfully navigate the entire plan termination journey.

As part of the termination process, we also routinely sign on as a co-fiduciary with the plan’s fiduciaries in selecting the safest available annuity provider. We have detailed our analysis in a comprehensive report which documents the key criteria in selecting the annuity provider as required by the Department of Labor in their Interpretive Bulletin 95-1 (selecting the safest available annuity provider). You can also access detailed information that we collect regarding each insurer’s on-boarding process, their investment structure, the enterprise risk management structure of the company, and experience and administrative capabilities.

Our process

We partner with you to understand your unique circumstances and help you through your termination process.


Preparing for a successful plan termination takes time and effort. You can find out how prepared you are to start your termination journey through our Termination Readiness Assessment, where our team of experts analyze your entire plan within four critical areas we have identified in helping plan sponsors successfully terminate their plans.


It is crucial to complete all your regulatory filings, participant notices and numerous deadlines timely and correctly.


After an often lengthy implementation process, distributions can be made to the participants that elected termination. For others that choose to remain, the selection of an insurer who will pay annuities, is a critical fiduciary decision.


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