Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

A tailored solution for delegating your day-to-day investment decisions .

An Outsourced Chief Investment Officer offers a tailored solution for delegating your day-to-day investment decisions while providing your team access to our extensive investment and industry expertise. You benefit from our deep experience in implementing relatively complex asset allocation and risk management strategies that need close market monitoring and the timely implementation of decisions. With our flexible approach, working with an OCIO gives you the control over which responsibilities to delegate.

In-depth Market Insights: When you engage in our OCIO services, your investment strategies benefit from a foundation built on real-time market knowledge. By diving deep into areas such as:

  • Asset mix dynamics
  • Nuanced investment structures
  • Advanced risk management techniques

You gain a competitive edge, empowering your fiduciary roles with essential insights.

Maximized Efficiency: The true strength of an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer lies in its ability to free up your bandwidth. By entrusting us with the intricate details of your investment management, your team can allocate their focus where it truly counts: driving core business initiatives.

Cost-Effective Approach: Leveraging the scale of our OCIO asset management platform translates to significant economies of scale. This aggregation means our clients benefit from heightened buying power, translating to potential cost savings.

Unwavering Objectivity: Our commitment to outsourced investment management is backed by an unwavering allegiance to your interests. Our collaborative design frameworks allow us to curate and implement strategies tailored to your needs.

Agile Response: Time is often equivalent to money in the world of investments. Our discretionary capabilities mean you’re always a step ahead. Whether it’s swift asset allocation adjustments or timely manager changes, our OCIO services ensure you’re positioned to capitalize on market opportunities without delay.

Strive for Excellence: By integrating our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer services, you tap into a broader spectrum of asset classes. This widens the horizon for potential returns, balancing your risk profile and harnessing innovative risk management strategies to propel your investments forward.

Standard OCIO Services:

  • For DB plans – We make the difficult decisions to help your pension plan generate the returns it needs, alongside thorough risk management for each stage of your journey.
  • For DC plans – Specialist management to help you generate strong investment performance, mindful of the impact of volatility on your members’ outcomes.
  • For insurance pools – A partnership tailored to fit your needs, that are focused on helping you innovatively manage your liabilities, regardless of size.

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