Derivatives Consulting & Execution

It’s not “risk” when you know what you’re doing.

Together, we can evaluate your risk, set goals, and design custom solutions using a wide array of tools to help you manage risks thoughtfully to meet your investment objectives.

Derivatives-based strategies are used to flexibly manage the risks that matter, be they related to asset performance, liquidity, or the obligations of institutional investors, all the while maintaining a focus on maximizing long-term returns. Our approach is built around your needs to ensure effective solutions tailored to your objectives.

Our years of experience has taught us that navigating derivative management requires addressing specific issues that many institutional investors face:

  • We work with clients to increase transparency in derivatives management to understand the how and why behind every strategy.
  • We understand the desire to reduce complexity makes the multifaceted derivatives world more accessible and less daunting.
  • We protect your interests by assessing compliance issues, ensuring that every strategy and decision aligns with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.
  • We help to meet reporting requirements challenges efficiently and accurately, keeping stakeholders informed and confident.

Our approach as derivative strategy consultants is built around your needs, ensuring effective solutions tailored to your objectives without sacrificing returns. Not earning a return is also a significant risk.

Derivatives Management Services:

  • Derivative Ideas, Design, and Execution: Leveraging our expertise as derivative strategy consultants, we devise and implement strategies that align with your goals.
  • Contract Management and Negotiation: Navigating the nuances to protect your best interests.
  • Collateral Management: A proactive approach to safeguarding your assets.
  • Monitoring and Ongoing Portfolio Management: Vigilant oversight to ensure consistent alignment with your objectives.
  • Assessing Compliance: Beyond meeting the standards, we strive to ensure you understand the regulations, analyze the underlying economics, and consistently maintain compliance.

Agilis is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of derivatives management. We understand the landscape, the challenges, and the opportunities. Let us guide you through turning potential pitfalls into strategic advantages.

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