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Playing it safe with the big guys isn’t always playing it smart. When you work with Agilis, you get strategy and experience in a straightforward manner. Providing an enhanced approach to pension plan management, we begin with essential services that cater to the fundamental requirements of all plan sponsors, while also offering tailored strategic consulting that aligns with your distinct needs.

Working closely with your team, our actuarial services will provide recurring, timely and efficient direction to remove all headaches from ongoing work. At Agilis we focus on understanding your long-term goals, immediate needs, and constraints. We’ll only recommend strategies that specifically meet such criteria. We help you understand the pros and cons of each relevant strategy, so you can make informed decisions and deliver successful outcomes for you and your plan participants.

Standard Actuarial Services

  • Funding valuation (data preparation and review, reconciliations, liability calculations, AFTAP certification, plan sponsor elections, report, etc.)
  • Financial reporting under US GAAP, SSAP, IFRS, and CAS for defined benefit plans and other non-qualified pension or other post-employment benefit (OPEB) plans
  • Plan audit (ASC 960 and routine auditor requests)
  • Government reporting (Form 5500 including schedules and attachments, Form 8955-SSA, PBGC)
  • Annual Funding Notice
  • Non-discrimination testing
  • Participant benefit statements
  • Special accounting calculations (e.g. curtailment, settlement)
  • Special government reporting due to corporate action or plan status (e.g. reportable event, PBGC 4010, 4062(e) event)

Strategic Actuarial Consulting Services

  • Risk transfer initiatives, including lump sum cash-out windows and annuity purchases
  • Plan design studies
  • Contribution or expense projections
  • Data cleanup projects
  • Plan termination services and filings

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