Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice Statement

Agilis Holding Company LLC (“Agilis”) respects the privacy and confidentiality of all client information. While the US Securities Exchange Commission’s privacy rule, Regulation S-P, requires investment advisors to issue initial and annual privacy notices only to “consumers” or “customers” that are individuals, Agilis considers privacy to be important to all types of clients. Maintaining your trust and confidence is one of our highest priorities and therefore we have implemented strict privacy procedures. We provide this brief description of our privacy practices to share with our current and prospective customers the types of information we collect and how we use it.

Maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information of our current and prospective customers is very important to Agilis. This privacy notice sets forth the type of information we collect, how that information is used by us and shared with others, and how we protect your information.

Regulation S-P places an affirmative obligation on investment advisors to ensure the security and confidentiality of nonpublic personal information, which is defined as personally identifiable financial information, obtained in any of the following ways:

  • Information supplied by the client
  • Information resulting from transactions
  • Information obtained in providing products or services

Agilis may come in contact with nonpublic personal information about participants in client’s retirement plan(s) such as name, address, email address, social security number, birth date, annual income and marital status. We will also collect information about you when visiting our website. We may use so-called ‘cookies’ to track the amount of time you spend on our website, the parts of our website you visit and other technical information. We use this information to improve the functionality of our website.

Agilis does not disclose nonpublic personal information to third parties except as permitted by you or permitted by law.

Agilis has procedures in place that we believe are reasonably designed to protect the security and confidentiality of your information. These include confidentiality agreements with companies we hire to help us provide services to you, password-protected user access to our computer files and strict confidentiality policies that apply to all firm personnel. Agilis maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to ensure the security of nonpublic personal information which include, for example, firewall hardware for protection of our computer network, anti-virus and server security software, locked physical client file storage, restricted access to our computer files containing client information, certified information destruction and card entry to our office suites.