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Partnerships rooted in a shared vision of mutual success.

Our clients are more than just business partners; they’re the driving force behind every decision we make and strategy we develop. Our journey with each client begins from a place of understanding, valuing their vision as the cornerstone of our collaboration. Through years of dedication, we’ve fostered relationships built on mutual trust and unwavering commitment.  Whether operating to generate investment returns, manage your liabilities, or navigate complex regulatory environments, our experienced team will help you reach your objectives.

 Institutional Investors

For institutional investors, successfully navigating financial markets requires precision, foresight, and a keen understanding of risk dynamics. At Agilis, we’re attuned to the complex landscape institutional investors operate within. Our expertise lies in crafting nuanced strategies that mitigate risks, allowing our clients to harness market opportunities confidently. By combining cutting-edge analytics with seasoned insights, we seek to guide institutional investors toward stable growth and fortified market resilience.

Why Agilis for Institutional Investors:

Choosing Agilis means partnering with a team that understands the complexities and nuances of institutional investing. Our expertise extends beyond traditional asset management, encompassing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving landscape of global finance. We prioritize your institution’s long-term vision and immediate needs, ensuring our collaboration targets short-term results and sustainable future gains.

Our Difference

While many firms offer solutions, Agilis delivers tailored strategies that resonate with each client’s unique goals. Our emphasis on out-of-the-box thinking positions us as industry disruptors, consistently challenging how things are done in favor of more efficient, impactful, and client-centric outcomes. The Agilis touch is evident in our commitment to straight talk, transparency, and unmatched dedication to the success of our institutional partners.

Defined Benefit Pension Plans

With their promise of guaranteed payouts, defined benefit pensions carry significant financial obligations and intricate risk structures. At Agilis, we comprehend the intricacies of these commitments and the vital need for secure growth-oriented investment strategies. Our experience in this area ensures that a robust financial foundation maintains and bolsters pension promises. By weaving together actuarial intelligence with prudent investment foresight, we assist in sculpting pension plans that are both sustainable and responsive to market shifts. Whether you need to generate investment returns while unable to handle any short-term losses or your plan is fully funded and looking for opportunities to reduce risk, our experienced team can help you reach your objectives.

Why Agilis for Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Navigating the complexities of defined benefit plans requires specialized strategies tailored to address pressing challenges. For sponsors seeking to manage risk or wind-up their pension plans, we will help guide you toward an optimal resolution.

  • Pension Risk Transfer Services: Harness expertise to seamlessly shift pension responsibilities and liabilities while maintaining beneficiary confidence.
  • Derivatives Management: Deploy advanced tools and analytics to manage, mitigate, and capitalize on market risks.
  • Pension Plan Termination Services: Lean on our extensive experience to terminate pension plans with precision, ensuring all obligations are met.
  • Investment Consulting: Benefit from a strategic synthesis of market insights and tailored advice to optimize investment outcomes.
  • Actuarial Consulting: Engage with specialized professionals adept at quantifying, analyzing, and forecasting pension-related financial risks.
  • Administration: Flexible administration services ranging from ad-hoc assistance to full DB outsourcing; we will work with you to create the best solution for you.

Defined Contribution Plans

Navigating the shifting landscape of plan design, fiduciary responsibilities, investment options, and decumulation strategies for DC plans demands precision and strategic foresight. Our seasoned team is dedicated to charting the course for your participant’s financial journey while partnering with you and your fiduciary responsibilities.  Whether you seek advice on a strategic direction, want to streamline your investment approach, or require oversight of daily investment decisions, Agilis stands ready as a partner you can trust.

Why Agilis for Defined Contribution Plans:

Partnering with Agilis means accessing a wealth of expertise tailored for the nuanced world of defined contribution plans. We bring a holistic approach, understanding that each plan has its distinct challenges and opportunities. With a focus on maximizing participant outcomes while balancing cost and risk, our strategies are designed to be dynamic, responsive, and aligned with the best interests of both the employer and the employee.

Pooled Employer Plan Analysis:

The emergence of Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) offers an innovative avenue for employers to share administrative and fiduciary responsibilities. Our analysis dives deep into the intricacies of PEPs, evaluating their suitability, scalability, and potential benefits for your organization. By leveraging our insights, employers can make informed decisions on whether to join a PEP, ensuring alignment with their broader retirement strategy and fiduciary duties.


In the nuanced realm of insurance advisory, we’re committed to securing optimal investment returns while adeptly managing liabilities. Our seasoned team stands out, having crafted strategies and investment methodologies that resonate with the dynamic insurance landscape. Whether it’s guiding the trajectory of your investments, overseeing risk management, or handling daily financial decisions, Agilis delivers with precision and expertise.

The Agilis Difference:

Agilis advisors offer strategy, management, and advice, all framed within a robust governance framework that offers clarity for insurers. Our nimble advice stems from long-term market and industry analysis, so our clients are always ahead. When traditional routes seem insufficient, we take pride in devising creative solutions to the most complex challenges.

How We Help Insurers:

Agilis is poised to address some of the most pressing challenges insurers face with a suite of versatile strategies. Our expertise is invaluable in managing the intertwined risks of interest rates and inflation for your investments, such that returns are never compromised. Additionally, our approach involves a judiciously diversified allocation to return-seeking assets, and we’re adept at making necessary asset allocation adjustments in response to evolving market conditions.

Our Services

Here’s how Agilis fortifies your financial journey:

Investment Consulting & Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Services

Leverage our expertise to optimize your portfolio with strategic insights and benefit from the strategic oversight of an effective asset management approach without needing an in-house CIO.


Utilize our actuarial expertise to gain accurate insights, risk assessments, and strategic guidance tailored to your unique needs.


Navigate the derivatives market confidently, utilizing our comprehensive tools and strategies to manage and capitalize on potential risks and rewards.

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