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Dynamic problem solvers providing strategy-driven solutions for our clients.

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Going beyond conventional to embrace exceptional.

At Agilis, we’re a team of disruptors who don’t believe our clients should accept the status quo. In an industry that too often recycles the same simple solutions to complex problems, we offer tailored strategies designed to thoughtfully meet your investment and actuarial objectives. We’re not interested in taking a standardized approach to anything, nor should you. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter consulting and investment firms by saying hello to Agilis.

Our Mission

People depend on you to successfully manage their pension plans and investment portfolios. That’s a tremendous responsibility that impacts lives, especially when mistakes happen. Navigating this intricate landscape requires a blend of thoughtful strategy and industry expertise. At Agilis, we stand beside you, ensuring each decision is tailored to uphold that trust and secure financial futures. People depend on you, and you can depend on us.

Our Vision

Our vision extends beyond the role of traditional actuarial and investment consulting. We see a future where clients, empowered by dynamic, customized strategies, navigate the complexities of risk management with confidence and ease. We aim to redefine industry standards, positioning ourselves as the standard for out-of-the-box, strategy-driven solutions. Through collaboration and straight talk, we’re committed to fostering a landscape where financial security is not just a goal but a shared journey.

Our Process

It all starts with a conversation where we get to know your goals and expectations. Listening allows us to better understand the challenges you’re facing. With this insight, our seasoned professionals work with you one-on-one to help you make informed decisions that enable you to meet key milestones. We’ll give you every detail of data, or not. It’s up to you. Our focus is on helping you understand your risks and options so you can share information with stakeholders.

Our Story

In August 2022, Agilis emerged from the foundation laid by our predecessor firm, River and Mercantile Group, through a management buyout. While our name may be a fresh addition to the market, the legacy and expertise behind it spans over two and a half decades. This rich history is a testament to our enduring commitment and deep-rooted experience in the industry. With every decision and innovation, we carry forward the wisdom and insights honed over those years. Moving forward, Agilis is poised to shape the future of finance and HR by blending tradition with innovation for optimal client outcomes.

Our Team

At Agilis, our team is the heart and soul of our operations. Comprising industry experts, dynamic problem solvers, and dedicated professionals, each member brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for excellence. Our collaborative mindset ensures that every challenge is met with collective brilliance and that every solution is a product of shared insights. From actuarial wizards to investment gurus, our diverse team is united by a commitment to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Together, we uphold the Agilis promise of quality, integrity, and innovation.

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